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Eric Evans of Rackspace to speak on CQL at Cassandra SF

By Lynn Bender -  June 15, 2011 | 0 Comments

Lynn Bender

Eric EvansFor years SQL has provided a stable and (nearly) compatible interface to relational databases, regardless of platform or development environment. Contrast this to the NoSQL ecosystem where each project has implemented it’s own query interface, with specialized tool chain, and a unique set of idiosyncrasies.

With Cassandra 0.8, we have the release of the Cassandra Query Language (CQL). CQL functions similarly to SQL and contains most of the SQL core keywords – CREATE, DROP, INSERT, UPDATE, SELECT, USE are all there and function as one would expect.

We are fortunate to have Eric Evans, the primary developer of CQL, join us at Cassandra SF 2011. In his talk, Cassandra: Not Just NoSQL, It’s MoSQL, Eric will cover the background, motivation, and syntax of CQL.


Eric Evans is a committer on the Apache Cassandra project, and all-around Free Software hacker. To the disgust of many he once coined the term NoSQL, but has since apologized and promises to do better. Eric resides in San Antonio, Texas where he works on distributed systems for Rackspace.

Additional details and RSVP for Cassandra SF at Eventbrite:

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