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Video: Replacing Datacenter Oracle with Global Apache Cassandra

By Lynn Bender -  July 21, 2011 | 3 Comments

Lynn Bender

In his presentation at Cassandra SF 2011, Adrian Cockcroft describes how Netflix, to support their global streaming service, migrated from a data center-based Oracle implementation to a Cassandra backend. Adrian goes on to explain how Netflix uses Cassandra to build highly available and globally distributed data sources, how they did the data migration to Cassandra, and how they do back up and archives.

The slides from Adrian’s presentation received 18,000 views in the first three days and were featured on the front page of slideshare.

For all of those who were unable to attend Cassandra SF, DataStax is happy to provide the video:


  1. Jim Ancona says:

    Will you be posting video of the rest of the CassandraSF presentations soon?

  2. Chris D says:

    Why has this video been pulled?

  3. Andrew Llavore says:

    Chris: The video has been re-uploaded in HD. I just updated this post the video can also be found here: .

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