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Replies to your feedback on Brisk announcement

By Robin Schumacher -  September 21, 2011 | 0 Comments

Robin Schumacher

Thanks to those of you that have contacted us with feedback and questions on our recent Brisk and Solandra post. I thought I’d follow up via our blog on some of the key questions you’ve asked:

Question: I’m using Brisk/Solandra right now. Will you help me make the move to DataStax Enterprise?

Answer: Absolutely. If you’re using Brisk or Solandra right now, we will certainly help transition you to our upcoming DataStax Enterprise. Just contact us, describe your situation, and we’ll quickly be back in touch with you to help.

Question: If I’m using Cassandra or your upcoming DataStax Community Edition, how hard will it be to move to DataStax Enterprise?

Answer: Very easy. Of course, it depends on the version of Cassandra you’re using, but in general if you upgrade to the 1.0 version of Cassandra, then there just a few steps needed to migrate to DataStax Enterprise.

Question: How will DataStax Enterprise work in terms of evaluating it?

Answer: We’ll provide a free download/eval copy of DataStax Enterprise that you can use for 30 days. We’ll also give you help where basic setup and other general questions are concerned.

Question: When will the DataStax Enterprise and Community Editions be available?

Answer: Soon. We plan on releasing them in Q4 of this year.  If you’d like to evaluate DataStax Enterprise now, please contact us.

Again, thanks for the feedback and don’t hesitate to contact us with any further questions or comments.


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