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Cassandra ends 2011 with strong momentum

By Billy Bosworth -  December 13, 2011 | 0 Comments

Billy Bosworth

Normally I don’t blog to brag about Cassandra or our offerings, but please allow me this one year-end indulgence to share some exciting thoughts on 2011.

It’s great to see others validating what we see every day at DataStax, which is a strong surge in momentum around Apache Cassandra.  More and more use cases are emerging every day that range from cloud database needs, to massively scalable write and read requirements, distributed peer-to-peer requirements, time-series data ingestion, and many more.  Looking back at our data and our customers, I will bet that we point to 2011 as the “tipping point” for widespread Cassandra adoption.

We’ve also seen strong uptake of our DataStax Community Edition, which was created to give users a fast and great out-of-the-box experience with Apache Cassandra.  It’s completely free, and is the exact same Apache Cassandra distribution you get from the Apache set, but it provides installers, libraries, a free monitoring and management tool, a sample app, and tutorials.

One of our primary goals for 2012 is to continue to service the community in a way that continues to aid in the adoption of this powerful database.  In addition, we also provide full Hadoop integration, more advanced tooling, as well as world-class support in our DataStax Enterprise offering so that you can apply the power of Cassandra to even more use cases, all in a single cluster.

I can’t wait to see how the Cassandra continues to grow in 2012!

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