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Big Data use cases – chances are you’re in here somewhere…

By Robin Schumacher -  January 3, 2012 | 0 Comments

Robin Schumacher

Some people involved in building modern data-driven apps are already deeply immersed in Big Data and on the hunt to find technologies that can easily enable what they want to do. For example, a guy I talked to recently at a conference is a top architect at an oil and gas company and is looking at technologies like Cassandra and Hadoop to help digest the tons of information coming back from the drilling sensors they have attached to their many drill sites.

But others are still scratching their heads about what scenarios necessitate Big Data technologies and wondering if they qualify. If you’re in this boat, here’s an article I found useful that does a nice job covering Big Data use cases and the benefits that are derived from nailing things right the first time from a systems solution standpoint.

Chances are, your company or organization is in there somewhere…

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