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Big Data + Healthcare = Big Win

By Robin Schumacher -  June 7, 2012 | 0 Comments

Robin Schumacher

With last year’s McKinsey report on big data saying that the value big data brings to healthcare (and related) companies is $300 billion(!), it’s no surprise that healthcare IT execs are rapidly moving to big data technologies that will help them realize such benefits. Such promises also serve as the catalyst for conferences such as the upcoming Strata RX event that is focusing on big data and healthcare.

Big data technologies like Apache Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise that’s built on Cassandra make such promises a reality and the proof points are already showing. A couple of cases in point are HealthX who needed something more than their Microsoft SQL Server farm for their health care portals, and HealthCare Anytime that squeezed everything it could from a well-known open source database, but found it couldn’t handle their big data needs. Both switched to DataStax Enterprise and are now realizing the benefits of a scalable big data platform that seamlessly handle big data OLTP (Cassandra), analytics (Hadoop), and enterprise search (Solr) all in the same database cluster.

Take a look at the just-posted case studies of HealthX to learn more. If you’re in Austin, you can also attend a Cassandra user group meetup on June 28th where the CTO of HealthCare Anytime will be presenting on how they’re handling big data with DataStax Enterprise.

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