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Cassandra Migration Yields Insane (10x) Performance Improvements at Rekko

By Seema Haji -  April 25, 2014 | 0 Comments

Seema Haji

On April 15th, Robert Thanh Parker, CEO and Founder at Rekko posted a message to Rekko’s Facebook page about his team working incredibly hard on both refactoring their code and architecting and optimizing Rekko’s infrastructure over Cassandra.
Rekko had two ongoing issues- Spikes in load time due to a key update lock issue in MongoDB and data manageability (very large amounts of data made it complex to scale and manage visitors).

To manage these issues, the geniuses at Rekko, restructured their infrastructure on Cassandra. Personally, I am blown away with the results. The migration from MongoDB to Cassandra enabled Rekko’s performance to increase by 10x, not to mention that performance has been completely smooth since the update. Average server times are less than 5ms even for their most complex campaigns. While there are still some small portions of infrastructure that continue to use MongoDB, almost everything material is now migrated to Cassandra.

The net: By migrating to Cassandra from MongoDB, Rekko is now able to intelligently deliver dynamic, tailored content to a visitor’s browser in less than 1/200th of a second consistently, and without spikes. Thank you, Rekko, for sharing this amazing case study.

If you’re interested in learning more about Rekko’s migration from MongoDB to Apache Cassandra, read Robert’s original blog post. In addition, the MongoDB to Cassandra Migration page is a great resource for how-to’s.

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