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Help for Moving to NoSQL and Cassandra from a Relational Database

By Robin Schumacher -  April 18, 2014 | 0 Comments

Robin Schumacher

As you can imagine, we get questions all the time from technology professionals (business and pure tech) about how to make the move from an RDBMS to a NoSQL solution like Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise. Whether it’s a new online application that’s being considered or the replacement of an existing database, the questions are nearly always the same.

What kind of strategy do I need to consider for making NoSQL part of my infrastructure?   

What are the key things I need to think about when choosing a NoSQL database?  

How does Cassandra compare feature-wise to Oracle, SQL Server, and MySQL? 

How can I move data from an RDBMS to Cassandra? 

Can I manage NoSQL databases like I do RDBMS’s?  

What’s the learning curve like for getting up to speed with NoSQL? 

To help with these questions and more, we’ve created a new addition to our website whose sole purpose is to help guide anyone coming from the RDBMS world (i.e. everyone in technology) who is interested in exploring and learning about NoSQL, Cassandra, and DataStax Enterprise.

If that’s you, then we invite you to check out our Relational to NoSQL webpage, which provides information that will help make your transition from the relational database world to NoSQL easy and successful.

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