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What You Can Get For Free From DataStax

By Robin Schumacher -  April 7, 2014 | 0 Comments

DataStax is both an open source and commercial software company. This means we help drive open source software like Apache Cassandra and also supply modern businesses with enterprise-grade NoSQL database solutions like DataStax Enterprise.

I run into people all the time who aren’t aware of all the great things we give away for free – whether open or closed source software – so I thought I’d post a quick update on what you can get from DataStax with absolutely no charge or any strings attached.

Apache Cassandra

DataStax does not own Apache Cassandra ; it is an open source project maintained by a thriving and growing community. However, that said, DataStax does employ the chair of the Cassandra project (Jonathan Ellis, co-founder of DataStax), helps drive Cassandra’s direction and has consistently delivered 80% or so of all code contributions.

Make no mistake about it – Cassandra is the antithesis of “crippleware” software. You won’t find artificial limits on the number of nodes you can deploy, the amount of compute resources or data volumes you can utilize, or anything similar. What you get instead is the poster child of the modern database needed to power today’s online applications.

DataStax Community Edition

DataStax Community Edition helps you quickly get up and running with Cassandra. Smart installers help you lay down and configure a tested version of Cassandra on your machine, along with ancillary software that helps you manage and develop applications for Cassandra.  DataStax also creates the packages for RPM and DEB installs.

DataStax Drivers

The Cassandra community provides numerous client side drivers for all popular development languages. Even so, we were constantly asked to produce a set of advanced drivers that could be certified for use with Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise. So we did.

We have open source drivers currently available for Java, C#, and Python, and have a number of other new open source drivers in development now.

DataStax OpsCenter

DataStax OpsCenter is a visual management and monitoring solution for Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise. Using a browser on your laptop, tablet, or smart phone, you can manage Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise databases from anywhere.

While not open source, DataStax OpsCenter is free to use for open source Cassandra. When bundled with DataStax Enterprise, OpsCenter provides a set of advanced functionality that allows you to utilize things like DataStax management services that help you automatically do repair operations, handle capacity planning functions and much more.

DataStax DevCenter

DataStax DevCenter  is a free graphical IDE for navigating Cassandra/DSE databases and building/running CQL statements against a database cluster. While OpsCenter is targeted more at administrators and operations personnel, DevCenter is designed for developers and anyone wishing to interact with data stored in Cassandra.

DevCenter is not open source but is free to everyone and can be downloaded and installed in minutes on Windows, Mac, and Linux machines.

DataStax Documentation

DataStax is the sole provider of professional documentation for Cassandra, DataStax drivers, DSE, and all DataStax tools. A strong team of technical doc writers ensures everything you need to know about Cassandra and more can easily be found in online documentation that auto-formats for your browser, tablet, and mobile device. PDF versions of the docs are also freely available for offline use.

Online Training

Want to learn all about Cassandra and how to develop NoSQL applications? You can do so free of charge by registering for online training on the DataStax website. Very polished and professional online courses will walk you step-by-step through various topics and learning exercises, which are self-paced so you can stop and pick back where you left off whenever you’d like.

DataStax Enterprise

Something a lot of people don’t know is, while you do need to buy a subscription to DataStax Enterprise (our enterprise-class NoSQL database solution), it costs you nothing to work with DSE in non-production environments. Yes, nothing.

Want to throw up a 500-node DSE cluster either in your own data center or in the cloud and develop a new application on it for the next six months (or however long it takes)? You can do so and not owe us a dime. Ditto for 20, 50, 100 or more non-production DSE clusters throughout your enterprise.

Now, again, once you go into production with an application that’s built on DSE, you need to talk to us about buying a subscription. Also, if you want either support or consultative help in creating your new application with DSE, you can talk to us about buying either a non-production subscription or package that will give you all the expert help you need.

But what if you want to use DSE in a production setting, but you’re a small startup company and strapped for cash? Are you out of luck?

DataStax Startup Program

One of our goals at DataStax is to make sophisticated database software available and affordable to everyone. We know that while you may be a small company with little money, you can have very big data problems to solve.

That’s why we offer our Startup Program that lets startup companies use DSE for free in production settings. If you’re a small company needing serious NoSQL database firepower, check our Startup Program guidelines and see if you qualify to use DSE for free.

You’d be surprised at how many companies are using DSE in this manner right now. Why not join them?

Help From Many Different Places

While you need to be a DSE subscriber to call DataStax for support, you can post as many questions as you’d like on various Cassandra mail-lists and on Stackoverflow, and you’ll likely find someone from DataStax pitching in to help.

Make no mistake, you shouldn’t expect the kind of response times and attention you’ll get as a DataStax customer, but you will get general help that will oftentimes get you over whatever hump that has you road-blocked at the moment.

You can also get assistance from our dedicated community website, Planet Cassandra, where you’ll find local meetups that allow you to network with other Cassandra professionals, learn from tutorials, and learn how you can call the DataStax community team for help with open source questions. 

So, as you can see, DataStax is very much in the business of freely giving back to you and the Cassandra community in many different ways, be that via open source and proprietary database software, tools, educational help, the freedom to develop on your own schedule and budget at no charge, and more.

If you haven’t started using DataStax software, we encourage you to visit our downloads page and get started now. It’s easy, fast, and as you’ve just seen … free in many ways.

Also, if you want to pitch in and participate with the great folks around the world who help develop and evangelize Cassandra, check out the many ways you can get involved today.

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