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Search with confidence. Find what you are looking for with DataStax Enterprise Search and Solr.

Nearly every web, mobile and Internet-of-Things (IoT) application has search functionality that helps its users locate the information they want. Whether it’s a retail web application that smartly guides its user through their buying decision process or a mobile entertainment app that seems to know what each particular user wants, search technology is behind the scenes, personalizing every experience.

By Seema Haji, January 12, 2016

Does Oracle Really Understand NoSQL?

A recent article in eWEEK showcased the NoSQL views of Oracle’s executive vice president for Database Server Technologies, Andy Mendelsohn. As someone who has worked with RDBMS’s (especially Oracle) for a very long time and is now deeply involved with NoSQL, I wanted to provide some perspective and respectful corrections on a few of the comments Mr.

By Robin Schumacher, December 4, 2015