Cassandra SF 2011 Presentation Slides and Videos

All Slides and Videos from Cassandra SF 2011 have been posted. Thanks to all that attended and we look forward to seeing you next year!

Keynote Presentation

  • Jonathan Ellis (DataStax)State of Cassandra, 2011 (Slides and HD Video)

Cassandra Internals

High-Level Cassandra Development

  • Eric Evans (Rackspace)CQL – Not just NoSQL, It’s MoSQL (Slides and HD Video)
  • Jake Luciani (DataStax) Scaling Solr with Cassandra (Slides and HD Video)

Lightning Talks

  • Ankit Shah (Symantec)Not-so-big data with Cassandra (HD Video)
  • Ben Coverston (DataStax)Redesigned Compaction LevelDB (Slides and HD Video)
  • Joaquin Casares (DataStax)The Auto-Clustering Brisk AMI (Slides and HD Video)
  • Matt Dennis (DataStax)Cassandra Anti-Patterns (Slides and HD Video)
  • Mike Bulman (DataStax)OpsCenter: Cluster Management Doesn’t Have To Be Hard (Slides and HD Video)
  • Stu Hood (Twitter)Prometheus’ Patch: #674 and You (Slides and HD Video)

Practical Development

  • Jeremy Hanna (Dachis)Using Pig alongside Cassandra (Slides and HD Video)
  • Matt Dennis (DataStax)Data Modeling Workshop (Slides and HD Video)
  • Nate McCall (DataStax)Cassandra for Java Developers (Slides and HD Video)
  • Yewei Zhang (DataStax)Hive Over Brisk (Slides and HD Video)


  • Jake Luciani (DataStax) Introduction to Brisk (Slides and HD Video)
  • Kyle Roche (Isidorey) Cloudsandra: Multi-tenant Platform Build on Brisk (Slides and HD Video)

Use Cases

  • Adrian Cockcroft (Netflix)Migrating Netflix from DataCenter Oracle to Global Cassandra (Slides and HD Video)
  • Chris Goffinet (Twitter)Cassandra at Twitter (Slides and HD Video)
  • David Strauss (Pantheon)Highly Available DNS and Request Routing Using Apache Cassandra (Slides and HD Video)
  • Edward Capriolo (media6degrees)Real World Capacity Planning: Cassandra on Blades and Big Iron (Slides and HD Video)
  • Eric Onnen (Urban Airship)From 100s to 100′s of Millions (Slides and HD Video)

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