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Open Sourcing a new Python Driver

By Michael Figuiere -  July 9, 2013 | 1 Comment

Following the availability of stable releases of a Java Driver and a C# Driver, we’re pleased to open source today an early version of our new Python Driver. This driver shares a similar design as the two previous ones which push further the consistency of the Cassandra client architecture.

This new driver already supports the major features that you can find in the Java and C# drivers, such as:

  • Prepared statements
  • Asynchronous queries
  • Load balancing and retry policies

Despite this advanced stage, keep in mind that the work is still in progress and that the API might change until we finalize the driver. Some features that are still on our todo list:

  • C extension for encoding/decoding messages
  • Tracing support
  • Connection pool metrics
  • Authentication/security feature support
  • Twisted, gevent support
  • Python 3 support
  • IPv6 Support

This driver is a new step towards our goal to simplify the developer experience with Cassandra. We plan to support even more languages in the future, stay tuned!


  1. Baron Schwartz says:

    I’m curious whether you’re considering a Go driver. There are a couple of open-source ones, but clearly you have the most expertise in writing them, and would be great to have an official driver.

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