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Python Driver 3.2.0 Released

By Adam Holmberg - April 12, 2016

The DataStax Python Driver 3.2.0 for Apache Cassandra has been released. As with the previous release, work in this one was again focused on the object mapper, cqlengine.

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DataStax C/C++ Driver: 2.3 GA released!

By Michael Penick - March 14, 2016

We are pleased to announce the 2.3 GA release of the C/C++ driver for Apache Cassandra. This release includes all the features necessary to take full advantage of Apache Cassandra 3.0 including support for materialized view metadata.

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Python Driver 3.1.0 Released

By Adam Holmberg - March 10, 2016

The DataStax Python Driver 3.1.0 for Apache Cassandra has been released. The work in this release was largely focused on the object mapper, cqlengine, but it also includes a number of other features and bug fixes.

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Cassandra Unit Testing with Byteman

By Sam Tunnicliffe - February 26, 2016

Following on from recent posts on testing in the Apache Cassandra project with dtests and Jepsen, I wanted to look at an interesting tool which we’ve recently begun to explore in our unit tests.

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