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CQL Storage Parameters

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Certain CQL commands allow a WITH clause for setting certain properties on a keyspace or column family. Note that CQL does not currently offer support for using all of the Cassandra column family attributes as CQL storage parameters, just a subset.

CQL Keyspace Storage Parameters

The CREATE KEYSPACE and ALTER KEYSPACE commands support setting the following keyspace properties.

  • strategy_class The name of the replication strategy: SimpleStrategy or NetworkTopologyStrategy
  • strategy_options Replication strategy option names are appended to the strategy_options keyword using a colon (:). For example: strategy_options:DC1=1 or strategy_options:replication_factor=3
  • durable_writes True or false. Exercise caution as described in durable_writes.

CQL 3 Column Family Storage Parameters

CQL supports Cassandra column family attributes through the CQL parameters in the following table. In a few cases, the CQL parameters have slightly different names than their corresponding column family attributes:

  • The CQL parameter compaction_strategy_class corresponds to the column family attribute compaction_strategy.
  • The CQL parameter compression_parameters corresponds to the column family attribute compression_options.
CQL Parameter Name Default Value
bloom_filter_fp_chance 0
caching keys_only
compaction_strategy_class SizeTieredCompactionStrategy
compaction_strategy_options none
compression_parameters SnappyCompressor
comment ''(an empty string)
dclocal_read_repair_chance 0.0
gc_grace_seconds 864000
max_compaction_threshold 32
min_compaction_threshold 4
read_repair_chance 0.1
replicate_on_write false