Apache Cassandra 1.1 Documentation

Install Locations

This document corresponds to an earlier product version. Make sure you are using the version that corresponds to your version.

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Locations of the Configuration Files

The configuration files, such as cassandra.yaml, are located in the following directories:

  • Cassandra packaged installs: /etc/cassandra/conf
  • Cassandra binary installs: <install_location>/conf

For DataStax Enterprise installs, see Configuration Files Locations.

Packaged Installs Directories

The packaged releases install into the following directories.

  • /var/lib/cassandra (data directories)
  • /var/log/cassandra (log directory)
  • /var/run/cassandra (runtime files)
  • /usr/share/cassandra (environment settings)
  • /usr/share/cassandra/lib (JAR files)
  • /usr/bin (binary files)
  • /usr/sbin
  • /etc/cassandra (configuration files)
  • /etc/init.d (service startup script)
  • /etc/security/limits.d (cassandra user limits)
  • /etc/default

Binary Tarball Install Directories

The following directories are installed in the installation home directory.

  • bin (utilities and start scripts)
  • conf (configuration files and environment settings)
  • interface (Thrift and Avro client APIs)
  • javadoc (Cassandra Java API documentation)
  • lib (JAR and license files)