DataStax Enterprise 3.0 Documentation

Installing the DataStax Enterprise Tarball on SUSE Enterprise

This documentation corresponds to an earlier product version. Make sure this document corresponds to your version.

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DataStax provides a binary tarball distribution for installing on SUSE Linux. For a complete list of supported platforms, see DataStax Enterprise Supported Platforms.


  • Before you can install, you must register with DataStax to get a username and password.
  • The latest version of Oracle Java SE Runtime Environment (JRE) 6 is installed. Java 7 is not recommended. See Installing the JRE on SUSE Systems.
  • Java Native Access (JNA) is required for production installations. See Installing JNA.

Also see Recommended Settings for Production Installations.

Installing DataStax Enterprise and OpsCenter on SUSE

To install DataStax Enterprise on SUSE:

  1. Install DataStax Enterprise using the Binary Tarball Distribution.
  2. Set up DataStax Enterprise as described in Deployment.

To install OpsCenter on SUSE:

  1. Install OpsCenter using the OpsCenter Tarball Distribution.
  2. Deploy OpsCenter agents as described in Manually Deploying Agents - Tarball Installations.