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Frequently asked questions

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1. Can you run Solr and Hadoop on the same node?

Only in development environments. In production environments, running Solr and Hadoop on the same node will cause a failure.

2. How do you add a file to the Solr index?

HTTP post the file using this URL format: http://<host>:<port>/solr/resource/<keyspace>.<columnfamily>/<filename>.<ext>

3. Why does the Solr schema need to have a unique key?

To route cluster documents.

4. Does DSE Search support composite columns?


5. How can you query data in Solr?

Cassandra Command Line Interface (CLI), Cassandra Query Language (CQL) library, the cqlsh tool, existing Solr APIs, and Thrift APIs.

6. As an existing Solr user, how much trouble is it to transition to DSE Search?

Making the change is straight-forward. If you have an existing Solr application, and you want to use DSE 2.0 or later, create a schema, then import your data and query using your existing Solr tools.

7. Is it possible to search data using fuzzy matching?

Yes, you can include a solr_query expression to CQL that offers extensive query options, such as fuzzy matching.

8. When you search for non-existent Solr data, why doesn't an error occur?

Unlike the projection in a SQL SELECT, there is no guarantee that the results will contain all of the columns specified because Cassandra is schema-optional. An error does not occur if you request non-existent columns. In a production environment, you must search using the LOCAL_QUORUM consistency. The default consistency level in DataStax Enterprise 3.0.1 and later is QUORUM.

9. Can you run Hadoop on some nodes and Solr on others in a virtual data center?

All nodes in that dedicated virtual data center must be running Solr. Attempting to run Solr on some nodes and Cassandra or Hadoop on others within the same virtual data center does not work.

10. How do you increase Solr capacity in a cluster?

Bootstrap one or more additional nodes, using the bootstrap method.

11. How do you modify or remove data from a Solr node?

Use CQL, CLI, or Solr APIs as described in Inserting into, Modifying, and Deleting Data from a Solr Node.

12. How do you rebuild an index?

Reload the Solr core.

13. How do you change the Solr port?

Change http.port in the file in <dse-version>/resources/tomcat/conf.

14. How do you tweak performance of DSE Search?

You need to configure the solrconfig.xml to use near real-time capabilities in Solr by setting the default high-performance update handler flag in the solrconfig.xml.

15. How do you verify that your Solr index is working?

Use the Solr Admin tool.