DataStax Enterprise 3.1 Documentation

Upgrade instructions for installing the DSE tarball on any Linux distribution

This documentation corresponds to an earlier product version. Make sure this document corresponds to your version.

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This procedure shows how to install a new version of the DataStax Enterprise binary tarball to replace an existing installation.

Before performing the installation, be sure to back up your configuration files for future reference.

Upgrading a node and migrating the data

  1. Download the DataStax Enterprise tarball using your username and password:

    $ curl -OL http://<username>:<password>

    Get the <username> and <password> from your DataStax registration confirmation email. If you don’t have the email, register on the DataStax web site.

  2. Create a directory for the new installation and move it to that directory.

  3. Unpack the DataStax Enterprise 3.1 tarball:

    tar –xzvf <dse-3.1 tarball name>
  4. If you customized the location of the data in the old installation, create a symbolic link to the old data directory:

    cd <new install location>
    ln -s <old data directory> <new install location>/<new data directory>