DataStax Enterprise 3.1 Documentation

Upgrade installation instructions for RHEL-based distributions

This documentation corresponds to an earlier product version. Make sure this document corresponds to your version.

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This procedure shows how to install a new version of Datastax Enterprise using the Yum Package Manager.

Please be sure to backup your configuration files before starting this process. However, Yum may also back them up in place using a .rpmsave extension. For example, cassandra.yaml.rpmsave.

  1. Open the Yum repository file for DataStax Enterprise in /etc/yum.repos.d for editing:

    sudo vi /etc/yum.repos.d/datastax.repo
  2. Replace the contents of the file with the following lines using your username and password:

    name= DataStax Repo for Apache Cassandra \

    Get the <username> and <password> from your DataStax registration confirmation email. If you don’t have the email, register on the DataStax web site.

  1. Upgrade the node:

    sudo yum clean all
    sudo yum install dse-full
  2. If a prompt informs you of the download size and asks for confirmation to continue, type Y to continue.