DataStax Enterprise 3.1 Documentation

Upgrading the DataStax AMI

This documentation corresponds to an earlier product version. Make sure this document corresponds to your version.

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Before upgrading, be sure to make a backup. After upgrading, read NEWS.txt to learn about any late-breaking upgrade information.


If you have analytics nodes in the cluster, upgrade and restart the job tracker node first.

  1. On each node ensure that the DataStax repository is listed in the /etc/apt/sources.list:

    deb http://<username>:<password> stable main

    where <username> and <password> are the DataStax account credentials from your registration confirmation email.

  2. If necessary, add the DataStax repository key to your aptitude trusted keys.

    $ curl -L | sudo apt-key add -
  3. On each node, run the following command:

    $ sudo apt-get update
    $ sudo apt-get install dse-full
  4. Compare the new and old version of the cassandra.yaml file and other property files that may have changed in /etc/dse directory.

    After installing the upgrade, a backup of the cassandra.yaml is created in the /etc/dse/cassandra directory. Use this copy to compare the two configurations and make appropriate changes.

    1. Diff the following configuration files:

      • The cassandra.yaml from the old installation
      • The new DSE 3.0 cassandra.yaml
    2. Merge the versions by hand from the old cassandra.yaml into the new DSE 3.0 cassandra.yaml:

      Don't add snitch settings from the old file to the new file. The new default snitch in the cassandra.yaml is com.datastax.bdp.snitch.DseDelegateSnitch. In previous versions, the default snitch was com.datastax.bdp.snitch.DseSimpleSnitch.

      Don't copy property files from the prior release and overwrite files in the new release. Users who have attempted this have reported problems.

  5. Configure the snitch setting as described in Converting snitches.

  6. If necessary, upgrade any CQL drivers and client libraries, such as python-cql, Hector, or Pycassa that are incompatible with the new DSE version. You can download CQL drivers and client libraries from the DataStax download page.

  7. Run nodetool drain to flush the commit log.

  8. Restart the node:

    sudo service dse restart
  9. Restart client applications.