DataStax OpsCenter Documentation

Manually deploying agents - Tarball installations

When you install OpsCenter using a tarball distribution, the agent for that OpsCenter is installed automatically as part of the OpsCenter installation process. You can manually install agents on other nodes running tarball installations of Cassandra or DataStax Enterprise clusters. Use the agent.tar.gz file to manually deploy the agents to multiple nodes in a cluster. This file is installed in the OpsCenter installation folder after you start OpsCenter.


  • Your Cassandra or DataStax Enterprise cluster is up and running.
  • OpsCenter is installed and configured on a node in the cluster.
  • JMX connectivity is enabled on each node in the cluster.
  • SYSSTAT Utilities (needed for the collection of I/O metrics).

Installing agents

To install agents in a tarball installation:

  1. Copy the agent tar file from your existing OpsCenter installation directory to your cluster node. For example, to copy to the install location:

    $ cd <install_location>
    $ scp agent.tar.gz <user>@<node_IP>:/<install_location>


    The agent.tar.gz file is not created until you run OpsCenter for the first time.

  2. Log in to the node, copy the agent.tar.gz file to the desired location, and unpack it. For example:

    $ ssh user@<node_IP>
    $ cd <install_location>
    $ tar -xzf agent.tar.gz

    The binary package creates and agent directory containing the installation files.

  3. Configure and start the agent:

    1. If needed get the IP address of the OpsCenter host. On the node containing the OpsCenter:

      $ hostname -i
    2. On the node where you are installing the agent, go to the agent directory:

      $ cd agent
      $ bin/setup <opscenter_host>


      Generally the agent can detect the listener IP address for the node, which is the IP address displayed for node by running nodetool ring -h localhost. If needed, add <node_listen_address> to the above command.

  4. Start the OpsCenter agent:

    $ bin/opscenter-agent (in the background - default)

    $ bin/opscenter-agent -f (in the foreground)