DataStax OpsCenter Documentation

OpsCenter API

The OpsCenter API facilitates the development of websites and programs to retrieve data and perform Cassandra administrative actions. The OpsCenter API includes RESTful requests for programmatically performing the same set of operations as the OpsCenter GUI.

The documentation includes examples of each API method and is organized as follows:

  • Authentication describes how to authenticate when users and roles are configured.
  • OpsCenter Configuration covers methods for getting information about clusters, such as seed hosts and the JMX port, adding a new cluster to OpsCenter, updating a cluster, and removing a cluster.
  • Managing Cluster Configurations includes methods for reading and setting the cassandra.yaml for one or more nodes as well as setting the DSE node type.
  • Retrieving Cluster and Node Information describes methods for getting more information about clusters, such as the endpoint snitch and partitioner name, information about a particular cluster property, nodes in the cluster, and node properties.
  • Performing Cluster Operations describes methods for performing garbage compaction, flushing memtables, and other administrative actions on nodes and keyspaces.
  • Managing Keyspaces and Column Families describes keyspace and column family operations, such as creating new keyspaces and column families.
  • Retrieving Metric Data explains how to measure the performance of clusters, nodes, and column families.
  • Managing Events and Alerts includes documentation about methods for getting information about events and alerts and setting alert rules.
  • Snapshot Management and Restoring from Snapshots describes methods for scheduling and running data snapshots and backups, getting information about existing snapshots, and restoring keyspaces and column families from snapshots.
  • Hadoop Status shows how to get information about the current status of the Hadoop infrastructure in your DSE cluster.
  • Provisioning New Nodes and Clusters details methods for creating new Cassandra and DSE nodes and clusters through OpsCenter, including launching Amazon EC2 instances to host the nodes.

This document contains the following sections: