DataStax OpsCenter Documentation

About OpsCenter

OpsCenter is a browser-based user interface for monitoring, administering, and configuring multiple clusters in a single centralized management console.

Key features

The key features of OpsCenter include:


  • A Dashboard that displays an overview of commonly watched performance metrics
  • Adding your favorite graphs to the dashboard
  • An Overview that condenses the dashboards of multiple clusters (not visible when monitoring a single cluster)

Configuration and administration

Alerts and performance metrics

Backup operations and restoring from backups

Database management and browsing

Other features

OpsCenter Enterprise Edition is bundled with DataStax support offerings. OpsCenter Community Edition is licensed for any type of use, but does not contain all the features available in the enterprise edition.

The OpsCenter agents are installed on the Real-time (Cassandra), Analytics (Hadoop), and Search (Solr) nodes. They use Java Management Extensions (JMX) to monitor and manage each node. Cassandra exposes a number of statistics and management operations through JMX. Using JMX, OpsCenter obtains metrics from a cluster and issues various node administration commands, such as flushing SSTables or doing a repair.


Metrics are collected every minute from Cassandra, Analytics, and Search nodes and stored in a keyspace created by OpsCenter. For more information, see Configuring data collection and expiration.