Apache Cassandra™ 1.2


Determines the location of nodes by rack and data center.

This snitch uses a user-defined description of the network details located in the cassandra-topology.properties file. Use this snitch when your node IPs are not uniform or if you have complex replication grouping requirements. When using this snitch, you can define your data center names to be whatever you want. Make sure that the data center names you define correlate to the name of your data centers in your keyspace options. Every node in the cluster should be described in the cassandra-topology.properties file, and this file should be exactly the same on every node in the cluster.

The location of the cassandra-topology.properties file depends on the type of installation; see Locations of the configuration files or DataStax Enterprise File Locations


If you had non-uniform IPs and two physical data centers with two racks in each, and a third logical data center for replicating analytics data, the cassandra-topology.properties file might look like this:
# Data Center One =DC1:RAC1 =DC1:RAC1 =DC1:RAC1 =DC1:RAC2 =DC1:RAC2 =DC1:RAC2

# Data Center Two =DC2:RAC1 =DC2:RAC1 =DC2:RAC1 =DC2:RAC2 =DC2:RAC2 =DC2:RAC2

# Analytics Replication Group =DC3:RAC1 =DC3:RAC1 =DC3:RAC1

# default for unknown nodes 
default =DC3:RAC1

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