Apache Cassandra™ 2.0

Connecting to your DataStax Community EC2 instance

Once the cluster is launched, you can connect to it from a terminal or SSH client, such as PuTTY. Connect as user ubuntu rather than as root.


  1. If necessary, from the EC2 Dashboard, click Running Instances.

    You can connect to any node in the cluster. However, one node (Node0) runs OpsCenter and is the Cassandra seed node.

  2. To find which instance is Node0:
    1. Select an instance.
    2. Select the Description tab.
    3. Scroll down the description information until you see AMI launch index.

    4. Repeat until you find Node0.
  3. To get the public DNS name of a node, select the node you want to connect to, and then click Connect.
  4. In Connect To Your Instance, select A standalone SSH client.
  5. Copy the Example command line and change the user from root to ubuntu, then paste it into your SSH client.

    The AMI image configures your cluster and starts the Cassandra services.
  6. After you have logged into a node and the AMI has completed installing and setting up the nodes, the status is displayed:

    The URL for the OpsCenter is displayed when you connect to the node containing it; otherwise it is not displayed.
  7. If you installed OpsCenter, allow 60 to 90 seconds after the cluster has finished initializing for OpsCenter to start. You can launch OpsCenter using the URL: http://public_dns_of_first_instance:8888/

    The Dashboard should show that the agents are connected.

  8. If the agents have not automatically connected:
    1. Click the Fix link located near the top left of the Dashboard.

    2. When prompted for credentials for the agent nodes, use the username ubuntu and copy and paste the entire contents from your private key (.pem).

      The Dashboard shows the agents are connected.