Apache Cassandra™ 2.0

Node restart method

If restoring a single node, you must first shutdown the node. If restoring an entire cluster, you must shut down all nodes, restore the snapshot data, and then start all nodes again.

Note: Restoring from snapshots and incremental backups temporarily causes intensive CPU and I/O activity on the node being restored.


  1. Shut down the node.
  2. Clear all files in the commitlog directory.
    • Packaged installs: /var/lib/cassandra/commitlog
    • Tarball installs: install_location/data/commitlog
  3. Delete all *.db files in the directory:


    where data_directory_location is
    • Packaged installs: /var/lib/cassandra/data
    • Tarball installs: install_location/data/data

    DO NOT delete the /snapshots and /backups subdirectories.

  4. Locate the most recent snapshot folder in this directory:


  5. Copy its contents into this directory:

    data_directory_location/keyspace_name/table_name directory.

  6. If using incremental backups, copy all contents of this directory:


  7. Paste it into this directory:


  8. Restart the node.

    Restarting causes a temporary burst of I/O activity and consumes a large amount of CPU resources.

  9. Run nodetool repair.