Apache Cassandra™ 2.0

DataStax Community release notes

Apache Cassandra 2.0.9 CHANGES.txt

DataStax Community fixes and new features:

 * (Hadoop) fix cluster initialisation for a split fetching (CASSANDRA-7774)
 * Configure system.paxos with LeveledCompactionStrategy (CASSANDRA-7753)
 * Fix ALTER clustering column type from DateType to TimestampType when
   using DESC clustering order (CASSANRDA-7797)
 * Stop inheriting liveRatio and liveRatioComputedAt from previous
   memtables (CASSANDRA-7796)
 * Throw EOFException if we run out of chunks in compressed datafile
 * Throw InvalidRequestException when queries contain relations on entire
   collection columns (CASSANDRA-7506)
 * Fix PRSI handling of CQL3 row markers for row cleanup (CASSANDRA-7787)
 * (cqlsh) enable CTRL-R history search with libedit (CASSANDRA-7577)
 * Fix dropping collection when it's the last regular column (CASSANDRA-7744)
 * Properly reject operations on list index with conditions (CASSANDRA-7499)
 * (Hadoop) allow ACFRW to limit nodes to local DC (CASSANDRA-7252)
 * (cqlsh) Wait up to 10 sec for a tracing session (CASSANDRA-7222)
 * Fix NPE in FileCacheService.sizeInBytes (CASSANDRA-7756)
 * (cqlsh) cqlsh should automatically disable tracing when selecting
   from system_traces (CASSANDRA-7641)
 * (Hadoop) Add CqlOutputFormat (CASSANDRA-6927)
 * Don't depend on cassandra config for nodetool ring (CASSANDRA-7508)
 * (cqlsh) Fix failing cqlsh formatting tests (CASSANDRA-7703)
 * Fix MS expiring map timeout for Paxos messages (CASSANDRA-7752)
 * Do not flush on truncate if durable_writes is false (CASSANDRA-7750)
 * Give CRR a default input_cql Statement (CASSANDRA-7226)
 * Better error message when adding a collection with the same name
   than a previously dropped one (CASSANDRA-6276)
 * Fix validation when adding static columns (CASSANDRA-7730)
 * (Thrift) fix range deletion of supercolumns (CASSANDRA-7733)
 * Fix potential AssertionError in RangeTombstoneList (CASSANDRA-7700)
 * Validate arguments of blobAs* functions (CASSANDRA-7707)
 * Fix potential AssertionError with 2ndary indexes (CASSANDRA-6612)
 * Avoid logging CompactionInterrupted at ERROR (CASSANDRA-7694)
 * Minor leak in sstable2jon (CASSANDRA-7709)
 * Add cassandra.auto_bootstrap system property (CASSANDRA-7650)
 * Remove CqlPagingRecordReader/CqlPagingInputFormat (CASSANDRA-7570)
 * Fix IncompatibleClassChangeError from hadoop2 (CASSANDRA-7229)
 * Add 'nodetool sethintedhandoffthrottlekb' (CASSANDRA-7635)
 * Update java driver (for hadoop) (CASSANDRA-7618)
 * Fix truncate to always flush (CASSANDRA-7511)
 * Remove shuffle and taketoken (CASSANDRA-7601)
 * Switch liveRatio-related log messages to DEBUG (CASSANDRA-7467)
 * (cqlsh) Add tab-completion for CREATE/DROP USER IF [NOT] EXISTS (CASSANDRA-7611)
 * Always merge ranges owned by a single node (CASSANDRA-6930)
 * Pig support for hadoop CqlInputFormat (CASSANDRA-6454)
 * Fix ReversedType(DateType) mapping to native protocol (CASSANDRA-7576)
 * (Windows) force range-based repair to non-sequential mode (CASSANDRA-7541)
 * Fix range merging when DES scores are zero (CASSANDRA-7535)
 * Warn when SSL certificates have expired (CASSANDRA-7528)
 * Workaround JVM NPE on JMX bind failure (CASSANDRA-7254)
 * Fix race in FileCacheService RemovalListener (CASSANDRA-7278)
 * Fix inconsistent use of consistencyForCommit that allowed LOCAL_QUORUM
   operations to incorrect become full QUORUM (CASSANDRA-7345)
 * Properly handle unrecognized opcodes and flags (CASSANDRA-7440)
 * (Hadoop) close CqlRecordWriter clients when finished (CASSANDRA-7459)
 * Make sure high level sstables get compacted (CASSANDRA-7414)
 * Fix AssertionError when using empty clustering columns and static columns
 * Add inter_dc_stream_throughput_outbound_megabits_per_sec (CASSANDRA-6596)
 * Add option to disable STCS in L0 (CASSANDRA-6621)
 * Fix error when doing reversed queries with static columns (CASSANDRA-7490)
 * Backport CASSNADRA-3569/CASSANDRA-6747 (CASSANDRA-7560)
 * Track max/min timestamps for range tombstones (CASSANDRA-7647)
 * Fix NPE when listing saved caches dir (CASSANDRA-7632)
 * Fix sstableloader unable to connect encrypted node (CASSANDRA-7585)
 * Make StreamReceiveTask thread safe and gc friendly (CASSANDRA-7795)
Merged from 1.2:
 * Validate empty cell names from counter updates (CASSANDRA-7798)
 * Improve PasswordAuthenticator default super user setup (CASSANDRA-7788)
 * Remove duplicates from StorageService.getJoiningNodes (CASSANDRA-7478)
 * Clone token map outside of hot gossip loops (CASSANDRA-7758)
 * Add stop method to EmbeddedCassandraService (CASSANDRA-7595)
 * Support connecting to ipv6 jmx with nodetool (CASSANDRA-7669)
 * Set gc_grace_seconds to seven days for system schema tables (CASSANDRA-7668)
 * SimpleSeedProvider no longer caches seeds forever (CASSANDRA-7663)
 * Set correct stream ID on responses when non-Exception Throwables
   are thrown while handling native protocol messages (CASSANDRA-7470)
 * Fix row size miscalculation in LazilyCompactedRow (CASSANDRA-7543)
 * Fix race in background compaction check (CASSANDRA-7745)

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