CQL for Cassandra 1.2


Remove the named table.


DROP TABLE keyspace_name.table_name

Synopsis Legend

  • Uppercase means literal
  • Lowercase means not literal
  • Italics mean optional
  • The pipe (|) symbol means OR or AND/OR
  • Ellipsis (...) means repeatable
  • « means a non-literal, open parenthesis used to indicate scope
  • » means a non-literal, close parenthesis used to indicate scope

A semicolon that terminates CQL statements is not included in the synopsis.


A DROP TABLE statement results in the immediate, irreversible removal of a table, including all data contained in the table. You can also use the alias DROP COLUMNFAMILY.

Dropping a table triggers an automatic snapshot, which backs up the data only, not the schema.


DROP TABLE worldSeriesAttendees;