CQL for Cassandra 2.0


Executes a file containing CQL statements.


SOURCE 'file'

Synopsis Legend

  • Uppercase means literal
  • Lowercase means not literal
  • Italics mean optional
  • The pipe (|) symbol means OR or AND/OR
  • Ellipsis (...) means repeatable
  • Orange ( and ) means not literal, indicates scope

A semicolon that terminates CQL statements is not included in the synopsis.


To execute the contents of a file, specify the path of the file relative to the current directory. Enclose the file name in single quotation marks. The shorthand notation in this example is supported for referring to $HOME:


SOURCE '~/mydir/myfile.txt';

The output for each statement, if there is any, appears in turn, including any error messages. Errors do not abort execution of the file.

Alternatively, use the --file option to execute a file while starting CQL.