DataStax Enterprise 3.2

About DataStax Enterprise

DataStax Enterprise is a big data platform built on Apache Cassandra that manages real-time, analytics, and enterprise search data. DataStax Enterprise leverages Cassandra, Apache Hadoop, and Apache Solr to shift your focus from the data infrastructure to using your data strategically.

For a description about DataStax Enterprise's key features, see the DataStax Enterprise overview.

New features

  • Solr
    • Solr support for CQL 3, including tables having compound primary key columns and collections
    • A new solrconfig.xml parameter queryExecutorThreads for configuring multithreaded filter queries, normal queries, and doc values facets
    • Multithreading of DocSets created for certain queries
    • Warming of Cassandra ring token fields in Lucene for faster queries on cold Lucene segments
    • Capability to import data into DSE Search/Solr from data sources, such as XML and RDBMS, using a configuration-driven Data Import Handler
  • OpsCenter 4.0
    • The agent for OpsCenter is now included with the DataStax Enterprise install. It is called the DataStax Agent.
    • Improvements in the UI such as ring view is split up by data center.
    • SSL communication between opscenterd and the agents is now off by default.
    • The Data Explorer is being deprecated in favor of DevCenter.

    For a full list, see the OpsCenter release notes.