DataStax Enterprise 3.2

Creating a Solr index

A minimal Solr installation requires these files:
  • Schema.xml

    Describes the fields to index in Solr and types associated with them. These fields map to Cassandra columns. To route search requests to the appropriate nodes, the schema needs a unique key.

  • Solrconfig.xml

    Holds configuration information for query handlers and Solr-specific caches.

After writing a schema.xml, you HTTP-post the solrconfig.xml and the schema.xml to a Solr node in the DataStax Enterprise cluster. Next, you create a new Solr core (or reload an existing Solr core) to create (or recreate) an index on a table for searching Cassandra data.

When users post schema or configuration files simultaneously, schema disagreements can occur. This causes Solr errors.

Note: Do not make schema changes on hot production systems.