DataStax Enterprise 4.0

Using Mahout commands in DataStax Enterprise

You can run Mahout commands on the dse command line. For example on Mac OS X, to get a list of which commands are available:

$ cd install_directory
$ bin/dse mahout

The list of commands appears.

Mahout command line help

You use one of these commands as the first argument plus the help option:

$ cd install_directory
$ bin/dse mahout arff.vector --help

The output is help on the arff.vector command.

Add Mahout classes to the class path, execute Hadoop command

You use Hadoop shell commands to work with Mahout. Using this syntax first adds Mahout classes to the class path, and then executes the Hadoop command:

$ cd install_directory
$ bin/dse mahout hadoop fs -text mahout file | more

The Apache web site offers an in-depth tutorial.