DataStax Enterprise 4.0

Configuring firewall port access

If you have a firewall running on the nodes in your Cassandra or DataStax Enterprise cluster, you must open up the following ports to allow communication between the nodes, including certain Cassandra ports. If this isn't done, when you start Cassandra (or Hadoop in DataStax Enterprise) on a node, the node will act as a standalone database server rather than joining the database cluster.


Open the following ports:
Port Description Configurable in

Public Facing Ports

22 SSH (default) See your OS documentation on sshd.

DataStax Enterprise public ports

8012 Hadoop Job Tracker client port. The Job Tracker listens on this port for job submissions and communications from task trackers; allows traffic from each Analytics node in a cluster. cassandra.yaml

See Setting the job tracker node.

8983 Solr port and Demo applications website port (Portfolio, Search, Search log)  
50030 Hadoop Job Tracker website port. The Job Tracker listens on this port for HTTP requests. If initiated from the OpsCenter, these requests are proxied through the opscenterd daemon; otherwise, they come directly from the browser. [1] mapred-site.xml using the mapred.job.tracker.http.address property.
50060 Hadoop Task Tracker website port. Each Task Tracker listens on this port for HTTP requests coming directly from the browser and not proxied by the opscenterd daemon. [1] mapred-site.xml using the mapred.task.tracker.http.address property.

OpsCenter public ports

8888 OpsCenter website. The opscenterd daemon listens on this port for HTTP requests coming directly from the browser. [1] opscenterd.conf

Inter-node Ports

Cassandra inter-node ports

1024 - 65355 JMX reconnection/loopback ports. Please read the description for port 7199.  
7000 Cassandra inter-node cluster communication. cassandra.yaml

See storage_port.

7001 Cassandra SSL inter-node cluster communication. cassandra.yaml

See ssl_storage_port.

7199 Cassandra JMX monitoring port. After the initial handshake, the JMX protocol requires that the client reconnects on a randomly chosen port (1024+). Open this port only if you want to remotely connect to the node via JMX. Running nodetool or opscenter agent locally does not require these ports to be open.
Note: Starting with Java 7u4, you can specify the port used by JMX rather than a randomly assigned port. The standard RMI (Remote Method Invocation) registry port for JMX is set by the property. Use the property to specify the port used by JMX.

See JMX options in Tuning Java resources.

9160 Cassandra client port (Thrift). OpsCenter agents makes Thrift requests to their local node on this port. Additionally, the port can be used by the opscenterd daemon to make Thrift requests to each node in the cluster. cassandra.yaml

See rpc_port.

DataStax Enterprise inter-node ports

8984 Netty server port. dse.yaml See Shard transport options for DSE Search/Solr communications.
9042 CQL native clients port. cassandra.yaml

See native_transport_port.

9290 Hadoop Job Tracker Thrift port. The Job Tracker listens on this port for Thrift requests coming from the opscenterd daemon.  
10000 Hive server port. Set with the -p option in the dse hive --service hiveserver command or configure in hive-site.xml.

OpsCenter specific inter-node

50031 OpsCenter HTTP proxy for Job Tracker. The opscenterd daemon listens on this port for incoming HTTP requests from the browser when viewing the Hadoop Job Tracker page directly. [1]  
61620 OpsCenter monitoring port. The opscenterd daemon listens on this port for TCP traffic coming from the agent. [1]  
61621 OpsCenter agent port. The agents listen on this port for SSL traffic initiated by OpsCenter. [1]  

[1] See OpsCenter and DataStax agent ports.