Getting Started

Using DevCenter

DataStax DevCenter is a free visual query IDE for developers, administrators, and others who want to create and run Cassandra Query Language (CQL) statements against Apache Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise.

New features in DevCenter 1.1

  • Support for Apache Cassandra 2.0.x and DataStax Enterprise 4.0.x (lightweight transactions syntax, static columns, uuid(), now, etc.)
  • New and improved validation and code-assist rules
  • Option to use a default keyspace for running a script
  • Option to set the maximum number of rows to be returned by a statement
  • Copy selected or all results as CSV or CQL inserts
  • Option to enabled SSL connection
  • See the posting on the DataStax Developer Blog about the DevCenter 1.1 feature set

Features in DevCenter 1.0

  • A smart CQL editor that provides
    • syntax highlighting
    • code auto-completion (both keyword and snippet)
    • real-time script validation against the current connection
  • Schema explorer view for browsing
    • keyspaces
    • tables
    • other database objects
  • Outline view for allowing quick navigating long CQL scripts
  • Configuring connections to Cassandra or DataStax Enterprise clusters requiring authorization