Getting Started

DataStax Demos

  • Portfolio Manager demo using Spark or Portfolio Manager demo using DSE Hadoop - An application showing a sample mixed workload on a DataStax Enterprise cluster. The use case is a financial application where users can actively create and manage a portfolio of stocks.
  • Solr demo - This demo application uses Wikipedia as an example of Solr capabilities.
  • Weather Sensor demo - This demo allows you to run analytical queries with Hadoop and Spark against dynamically generated data for a number of weather sensors in different cities. It also includes a web interface for creating custom queries against the data.
  • Hive example - Shows you how to access data in Cassandra using DataStax Enterprise's custom storage handler. This handler allows direct access to data stored in Cassandra through Hive. In the example, you define a database in Hive that maps to a keyspace in Cassandra.
  • Pig demo - Uses sample data to illustrate using Pig in DataStax Enterprise. The examples in the topic show how to create a Pig relation and perform a simple MapReduce job.
  • Log4j search demo - Shows an example of searching and filtering log4j messages generated by a standard Java application. This demo works best with two nodes, one for DataStax Enterprise and the other for Solr.
  • Mahout demo - Using Mahout algorithms, this demo classifies historical time series data into categories based on whether the data has exhibited relatively stable behavior over a period of time.
  • Sqoop demo - Shows an example of migrating the data from a MySQL table to text files in CFS. This demo requires Oracle JDK 1.6.x; the JRE alone will not work.