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Enabling email alerts

OpsCenter can post alerts to selected email addresses.

To enable email alerts, you must edit the <install_locations>/email.conf file and provide valid SMTP server host and port information. This file is located in the following directories:


  1. Make sure that you have valid SMTP mail accounts to send and receive alerts.
  2. On the OpsCenter daemon host, open the email.conf file for editing.
  3. Set enabled to 1.
  4. Provide valid values for your SMTP host, port, user, and password.
  5. Enable Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) or Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol on your system if you want secure communications. Typically, SSL is required.
  6. Provide valid values for the to_addr and from_addr email addresses. The to_addr value is the account that will receive alerts.
  7. Optionally, set the level of alerts to send and the desired subject line.
  8. Save <install_locations>/email.conf and restart the OpsCenter daemon.
    To send alerts to multpile email addresses, create a different email conf file with settings for each email address. All conf files are loaded so you can name them email1.conf, email2.conf, and so on.


In a system with email alerts enabled for critical and alert-level events,:file:email.conf looks like:
[email ] enabled =1
 # levels can be comma delimited list of any of the following: #
 DEBUG,INFO,WARN,ERROR,CRITICAL,ALERT # If left empty, will listen for all levels levels =CRITICAL,ALERT
 smtp_port =465
 smtp_pass =*********
 smtp_use_ssl =1
 smtp_use_tls =0
 subject =OpsCenter Event