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Creating a dynamic column family

To create a new dynamic column family:


  1. Select Schema in the OpsCenter console.
  2. From the list of keyspaces, select the keyspace to contain the column family.
  3. Give the column family a name.

    Column family names should not contain spaces or special characters and cannot exceed the filename size limit of your operating system (255 bytes on most Linux file systems).

    By default, column families are created with standard columns (column_type: Standard). If you want a column family containing super columns choose column_type: Super.

  4. Use compare_with to set the default data type for column names (or super column names). Setting the default data type also sets the column sort order for the column family. For example, choosing LongType would sort the columns within a row in numerical order. The sort order cannot be changed after a column family is created, so choose wisely.
  5. Use default_validation_class to set the default data type for column values (or super column sub-column values). Always set this for dynamic column families.
  6. Click Save Column Family.