OpsCenter 4.0 User Guide

OpsCenter configuration properties

These properties are configured in the opscenterd.conf file. The location of the opscenterd.conf file depends on the type of installation:

  • Packaged installs: /etc/opscenter/opscenterd.conf
  • Tarball installs: <install_location>/conf/opscenterd.conf
  • Windows installs: Program Files (x86)\DataStax Community\opscenter\conf\opscenterd.conf
Note: After changing properties in this file, you must restart OpsCenter for the changes to take effect.
[agents] ssh_port
The Secure Shell (SSH) port that listens for agent-OpsCenter communications. Add an [agents] section, if one doesn't already exist, to the opscenterd.conf. In this section, add the ssh_port option and a value for the port number:
ssh_port = 2222
[webserver] port
The HTTP port used for client connections to the OpsCenter web server. Default is 8888.
Optional HTTPS support. To enable, remove the comment markers (#) in front of properties prefixed with ssl in the opscenterd.conf file, as described in Configuring HTTPS.
[webserver] interface
The interface that the web server uses to listen for client connections. The interface must be an externally accessible IP address or host name.
[logging] level
The logging level for OpsCenter. Available levels are (from most to least verbose): TRACE, DEBUG, INFO, WARN, or ERROR.

The OpsCenter log file is located in /var/log/opscenter/opscenterd.log.

[stat_reporter] interval
Reporting to DataStax Support. By default, OpsCenter periodically sends usage metrics about the cluster to DataStax Support.

To disable the phone-home functionality, add the following lines to your opscenterd.conf file:

interval = 0
Additional configuration metric collection properties are available in Metrics Collection Properties.
[authentication] passwd_file
Full path to the file for configuring password authentication for OpsCenter. If this file does not exist, OpsCenter does not verify passwords.

To enable password authentication, use the set_passwd.py utility to create users and set their password and role. OpsCenter currently has two available roles: admin or user.