OpsCenter 4.0 User Guide

Cassandra connection properties

These properties are configured in the cluster-specific opscenterd.conf file.

The location of the opscenterd.conf file depends on the type of installation:

  • Packaged installs: /etc/opscenter/clusters/<cluster_specific>.conf
  • Tarball installs: <install_location>/conf/clusters/<cluster_specific>.conf
  • Windows installs: Program Files (x86)\DataStax Community\opscenter\conf\clusters\<cluster_specific>.conf
Note: After changing properties in this file, restart OpsCenter for the changes to take effect.
[jmx] port
The JMX (Java Management Extensions) port of your cluster. In Cassandra versions 0.8 and higher, the JMX port is 7199.
[cassandra] seed_hosts
A Cassandra seed node is used to determine the ring topology and obtain gossip information about the nodes in the cluster. This should be the same comma-delimited list of seed nodes as the one configured for your Cassandra or DataStax Enterprise cluster by the seeds property in the cassandra.yaml configuration file.
[cassandra] api_port
The Thrift remote procedure call port configured for your cluster. Same as the rpc_port property in the cassandra.yaml configuration file. Default is 9160.
[cassandra] install_location
The directory in which Cassandra is installed. If install_location is not specified, OpsCenter looks in the package-specific installation locations. For a tarball installation of DataStax Enterprise, the install_location is <dse_install_location>/resources/cassandra.
[cassandra] conf_location
The location of the cassandra.yaml configuration file. If install_location is specified, but conf_location is not, then conf_location is assumed to be <install_location>/conf/cassandra.yaml. If conf_location is specified, it must be the absolute path to the Cassandra configuration file on all nodes. These settings are cluster-wide and require that the specified locations be correct for every node.