OpsCenter 4.0 User Guide

Backing up opscenterd's configuration files for failover

This task describes how to manually backup the configuration files of opscenterd in case of a failure of the primary opscenterd instance.

There is no automatic failover for OpsCenter. However, both opscenterd and the agents it manages can be restarted independently of each other. Most of the data used by OpsCenter is stored in the DataStax Enterprise cluster, allowing you to start a secondary opscenterd instance in case the primary instance fails. In this case, the secondary instance should match the configuration of the primary instance. The IP address in the agent's stomp_interface setting in address.yaml needs to be updated to the secondary opscenterd instance.


  1. Copy the contents of the SSL configuration directory to the secondary machine.
    • /var/lib/opscenter/ssl (package installs)
    • install_location/ssl (tarball installs)
    $ scp /var/lib/opscenter/ssl/* secondary:/var/lib/opscenter/ssl
  2. Copy the contents of the main configuration directory to the secondary machine.
    • /etc/opscenter (package installs)
    • install_location/conf (tarball installs)
    $ scp /etc/opscenter/* secondary:/etc/opscenter
  3. Update each agent's stomp_interface in /var/lib/opscenter-agent/conf/address.yaml (package installs) or install_location/conf (tarball installs) to use the secondary machine's IP address.
    stomp_interface: secondary_opscenterd_ip