OpsCenter 4.0 User Guide

Key features

OpsCenter offers a number of features to help manage both DataStax Enterprise and Apache Cassandra clusters and make your life easier.

The key features of OpsCenter include:


  • A Dashboard that displays an overview of commonly watched performance metrics
  • Adding your favorite graphs to the dashboard
  • An Overview that condenses the dashboards of multiple clusters (not visible when monitoring a single cluster)

Configuration and administration

Alerts and performance metrics

  • Built-in external notification capabilities
  • Alert warnings of impending issues
  • Metrics are collected every minute from Cassandra, Analytics, and Search nodes and stored in a keyspace created by OpsCenter

Backup operations and restoring from backups

Enterprise-only functionality

Enterprise functionality in OpsCenter is only enabled on DataStax Enterprise clusters. The following is a list of features included: (each is linked to another docs page)