OpsCenter 4.0 User Guide

Installing DataStax agents

DataStax agents must be installed on every managed node in a cluster and are necessary to perform most of the functionality within OpsCenter.

Once you've added the cluster to OpsCenter, you'll see the status of the agents in the Dashboard.

If your cluster is running DSE 3.2 or higher, the agents are already installed and should automatically connect. If you don't see that the agents have successfully connected to OpsCenter on the Dashboard after about five minutes, or if you are running DSE 3.1.x or lower, select Fix on the Dashboard.


  • Root or sudo access to the machines where the agents will be installed.
  • JMX connectivity is enabled on each node in the cluster.
  • You either configured the SSH port, or you accepted the default SSH port (22) for node-agent communication.


  1. Open a browser window and go to the OpsCenter URL at http://<opscenter_host>:8888 where <opscenter_host> is the IP or hostname of the OpsCenter machine.

    When you start OpsCenter for the first time, you will be prompted to connect to your cluster:

  2. Open a browser window and go to the OpsCenter URL at http://<opscenter_host>:8888/ where <opscenter_host> is the IP or hostname of the OpsCenter machine.
  3. In Add Cluster, enter the Hostnames or IP addresses of two or three nodes in the cluster and set the JMX set JMX and Thrift ports credentials, and then click Save Cluster.
    After OpsCenter connects to the cluster, a Fix link appears near the top of the Dashboard.
  4. Start installing the agents by clicking the Fix.

  5. In Install Node Agents, click Enter Credentials.

  6. In Node SSH Credentials, enter a username that has root privileges or sudo access to all of the nodes in your cluster, plus any other required credentials, and then click Done.
  7. In the Install Nodes Agent dialog, click Install on all nodes.
  8. If prompted, click Accept Fingerprint to add a node to the known hosts for OpsCenter.


DataStax agents have been deployed and configured for each managed node in the cluster.

If you are unable to install the agents through the OpsCenter UI, you can manually install the agents by following these instructions.