OpsCenter 4.0 User Guide

Manually deploying agents - tarball

Install agents on nodes running Cassandra or DataStax Enterprise clusters.


  • Your Cassandra or DataStax Enterprise cluster is up and running.
  • OpsCenter is installed and configured.
  • JMX connectivity is enabled on each node in the cluster.
  • SYSSTAT Utilities (needed for the collection of I/O metrics).


  1. Download the DataStax agent tarball, expand and unarchive it.
    $ curl -L http://downloads.datastax.com/community/datastax-agent-<version-number>.tar.gz | tar xz 
  2. Change into the agent directory.
    $ cd datastax-agent-<version-number>
  3. In address.yaml set stomp_interface to the IP address that OpsCenter is using. (You may have to create the file.)
    $ echo "stomp_interface: <reachable_opscenterd_ip>" >> ./conf/address.yaml
  4. Start the agent.
    $ bin/datastax-agent
    Use the -f flag to run in the foreground.