OpsCenter 4.0 User Guide

Installing the OpsCenter on Mac OS X or any Linux distributions

Install the DataStax OpsCenter on Mac OS X or any Linux Distribution using the OpsCenter binary tarball.

For a complete list of supported platforms, see DataStax OpsCenter – Supported Platforms.


  • Python 2.6+


  1. Download the tarball distribution of OpsCenter.
    $ curl -L http://downloads.datastax.com/community/opscenter.tar.gz | tar xz

    Files for OpsCenter and a single OpsCenter agent are now in place.

  2. Change to the opscenter<version-number> directory.
    $ cd opscenter-<version-number>
  3. Set the [webserver] interface to the hostname or IP address of the OpsCenter machine in the ./opscenterd.conf file. For example:
    port = 8888 
    interface =
  4. Start OpsCenter from the install location:

    $ bin/opscenter (Use -f to start in the foreground.)

  5. Connect to OpsCenter in a web browser using the following URL:
  6. Next you can add an existing cluster or provision a new one.