OpsCenter 4.0 User Guide

Advanced configuration

The following is currently configurable by adding a [repair_service] section to the opscenterd.conf file.

log_directory = /var/log/opscenter/repair_service/
The directory to log the repair service log to.
log_length = 10485760
The maximum size (in bytes) the repair service logs can grow before rotation (default 10485760 bytes)
max_rotate = 10
The maximum number of rotated repair service logs to keep (default 10)
persist_directory = /var/lib/opscenter/repair_service/
The directory to persist the repair service status to.
persist_period = 300
How often to persist the repair service status (in seconds).
restart_period = 300
How often to check for a stable ring during topology changes (in seconds).
single_task_err_threshold = 10
How many times a single repair command must fail before the service shuts down.
max_err_threshold = 100
The maximum number of errors we can see during a single cycle of the repair service before shutting down.
max_parallel_repairs = 0
A cap on the maximum number of parallel repairs we will perform, taking precedence over our calculation based on number of nodes/RF.
min_throughput = 512
The minimum number of bytes a single range repair must contain in order to be included in calculations to determine how many parallel repairs to run (default: 512).
single_repair_timeout = 3600
The timeout placed on each repair command (in seconds).
min_repair_time = 5
The minimum amount of time we expect each repair command to take. If commands run faster, we will sleep the difference. (in seconds).
Enable or disable snapshot repairs by setting to true or false, respectively. This option is left unset by default. If snapshot_override is unset, snapshot repairs will be enabled automatically if the version of DataStax Enterprise or Cassandra supports them.

The number of recent throughputs used to calculate the average throughput, which is then used to determine how many parallel repairs are needed. The default value is 20.