When to Choose DataStax Enterprise Edition Versus DataStax Community Edition

I am a Modern business, government agency, educational institution looking for a tested, stable, and production-ready big data platform Technical professional looking for the easiest way to use Apache Cassandra in a non-production environment
Recommended solution DataStax Enterprise Edition DataStax Community Edition
Cassandra development model Open Source Open Source
Version of Apache Cassandra Selected by experts at DataStax Latest community release
Benefits of Cassandra version Certified version of Cassandra via DataStax certification process of quality assurance testing, performance benchmarking, and defect resolution Contains latest features introduced via the Cassandra community
In-Memory support Built-in feature with faster performance on reads, while ensuring data protection so that data contained in memory-only objects is never lost N/A
Analytics support Built-in and integrated into a single cluster, with full MapReduce, Hive, Pig, Mahout, and Sqoop support. Low-level and manual integration with Hadoop
Benefits of analytics support Full integration into one database cluster, with no single point of failure and support for running Hadoop across multiple data centers at once N/A
Enterprise search support Built-in and integrated into a single cluster, with Apache Solr. Full continuous availability support across multiple data centers bundled in None
Workload management benefits Built-in so that all Cassandra, analytics, and search operations workloads do not conflict with one another None
Security Features General and advanced security features General security features
Management Capabilities Includes DataStax management services that perform many maintenance and performance optimization tasks automatically. Also includes advanced visual management from within DataStax OpsCenter Basic management capabilities via OpsCenter
Support options 24x7x365 production support from DataStax Community forums and mailing lists
Software maintenance schedule Determined by DataStax based on customer needs and feedback, along with formal software release policies Determined by community
Upgrade path Always future compatible; easy upgrades Can upgrade to new community versions, but not DataStax Enterprise (must migrate the data)
Management software DataStax OpsCenter Enterprise Edition DataStax OpsCenter Community Edition
Licensing Subscription Free