DataStax Enterprise, The Fastest, Most Scalable Distributed Database Technology

Get Continuous Availability, Blazing Fast Analytics, and Operational Simplicity for your Online Applications

DataStax Enterprise, built on Apache Cassandra™, delivers what Internet Enterprises need to compete in today’s radically connected, always-on digital world. With in-memory computing, fast and powerful integrated analytics, search, visual management, and expert support, DataStax Enterprise is the leading distributed database technology for online applications that require fast performance with no downtime.

Key features

  • Production-certified Apache Cassandra for today’s intense, always-on environments
  • Enterprise search and integrated analytics
  • Comprehensive enterprise security features
  • In-memory computing option for lightning-fast transactional and analytics workloads
  • Automatic management services handle administration and performance
  • Advanced visual management for administration and performance monitoring
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