Keep your customers. Keep them happy. Keep them online — always.

The definition of today’s ecommerce has dramatically changed, expanding from a purely retail perspective to mean “the place where your customers meet you online.” Whether you offer mortgage services or catering recommendations, you must think of your online transactional application as an ecommerce hub.

For one thing, you can’t afford for your online presence to go down — ever. Secondly, you need to handle unpredictable spikes in demand without breaking your budget. Thirdly, you need to gain (and keep) customer trust with the appropriate levels of data security.

This is a tough combination, but we are the enterprise scale company to help you meet today’s data challenges on a tight budget, and do things you never knew you could.

Plus, find hidden benefits from using today’s data technology to power today’s customer experience. One example: use click stream data to keep track of what portions of a page your customers click on, in the order in which they click, so you can offer the best recommendations possible. Another example: detect fraud by connecting formerly silo’d data sources (between say, your online app and your warehouse).

We can help you transform how your customers interact with you, whether you are in:

  • Retail
  • Mortgage & Banking Services
  • Insurance
  • Marketing
  • Any business where your customers access you online

Download DataStax Enterprise – the enterprise-class, big data platform used by top successful online companies – and future proof your business today.

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Don’t Let Your Shoppers Drop; 5 Rules for Today’s Ecommerce

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