Migrate From Oracle to DataStax – Netflix, Openwave Messaging, Ooyala And Many Others Are Already Doing It!

DataStax is driving Cassandra to be the first viable alternative to the Oracle database for companies who are transforming the way they interact with customers.

Dozens of industry-leading enterprises such as Netflix, Openwave Messaging and Ooyala have migrated from traditional Oracle relational database management systems (RDBMS) to DataStax and the Apache Cassandra NoSQL database platform. These organizations cite scalability, disaster avoidance and cost savings as key criteria for selecting Cassandra instead of relational database technologies.

Check out our video of an actual Oracle customer who migrated from their database solution to DataStax.

Okay, this time we’re serious. Listen to what Christos Kalantzis from Netflix has to say.

You can read more about Netflix, OpenWave Messaging and Ooyala by clicking the logos below:

Robin Schumacher, our Vice President of Products, spent more than 15 years as an Oracle DBA and worked for Oracle after they acquired MySQL where he led product management. Read his 3-part blog series about his experience with relational databases and why he thinks NoSQL technologies are poised to disrupt the database market. Part 1. Part 2. Part 3.

Download DataStax Enterprise today and see why companies like those above and others like UK broadcasting giant Sky are enjoying benefits like 10x performance and big cost savings over Oracle.