Case Study: Adobe

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“We knew Cassandra could perform linear scaling of reads and writes with consistent performance.” - David Weinstein, Adobe

Company: Adobe

Overview: Adobe Systems, Inc., known worldwide for its multimedia and creativity software products, is also a leading provider of online business analytics, web experience management, and marketing automation software. In recent years, the San Jose, Calif.-based company has been growing its Adobe® Marketing Cloud, a collection of web analytics and website optimization products. The offering is designed to provide actionable, real-time data and insights to help customers increase the success of their online marketing and web experience customization programs.

In January 2011, Adobe acquired Demdex and added that company’s sophisticated behavioral data management platform to the Adobe Marketing Cloud. The result: Adobe® AudienceManager, an audience optimization solution that manages customers’ digital data assets across the enterprise, helping them to perform web analytics, web content management and online advertising. It’s designed to help
marketers “unlock” valuable customer profile data from “silos” — on-site behavior data, offline databases, third-party data and partner data — and “activate” it for use through a single platform.

Data Size: 16-node cluster, evenly split between two data centers on opposite sides of the United States

Challenge: The need for a highly scalable, low-latency database solution to support Adobe AudienceManager’s distributed edge cache architecture, and perform very high read and write volumes — at 12 milliseconds or less for 95%+ of requests.

Solution: The flexible and reliable Apache Cassandra platform, which offers near-linear scaling, tuneable eventual consistency and out-of-the-box cross-colo cluster management.